4 Signs That You Are Actually Genius

Do you want to know about signs of genius?

The picture of an artist in despair, tormented by his or her very own thoughts, surrounded by insecurity and distress until an awe-inspiring work of art is created for everyone to admire is a story that we have become so used to.

This might come across as hyperbolic, but parody has become clichΓ© in the general culture. However, the result is not remote. Recent studies have proposed that the tie between artistic genius and apprehension is stronger than you have ever imagined.

Are You Bothered That You Are A Creative Genius? You Almost Certainly Are

Every one of us has our niggling worries sometimes. A couple of us become troubled and fully immersed in our worries far more than what should be. If you belong to this category of people, who overanalyse a problem or elements of anxiety can be found in your expressions, cheer up because you most likely have the capacity for ingenuity. It’s one of the signs of genius.

Let Us See The Really Interesting Part Of Science

Scholars at King’s College London have discovered that a superior activity level in areas of the brain controlling awareness of threat was found in worriers. In other words, they switched into panicked much faster than others did.


Seeing these nervous system variations, worriers additionally possessed more active imaginations. This only ends up exacerbating the threat of feelings.

Essentially, hyperactive imaginations (an important attribute of artistic geniuses) and extreme worrying behaviors are not only connected. Their interrelationship has mutual benefits such that a constant creative cycle of ingenuity and anguish is formed.

Anxiety + imagination = Genius

What Is The Fate Of The World Without Worriers?

Bearing it in mind, it is reasonable that one can’t find a solution to a problem without critically analyzing it. This exact process of placing ourselves in the middle of the puzzle is key in stimulating that moment of brilliance.

If we do not have such worriers, the wheel would probably not have been invented. Imagine that Alexander Fleming did not become bothered that bacteria were causing havoc. We would probably have not discovered antibiotics at all. In the same vein, if unplanned pregnancies and did not pose a problem, oral contraceptives would still have been far from being invented.

Ultimately, How Would Our World Look Without The Influence Of Art?

Thankfully, we have worriers for inventions and technological advancement. Nevertheless, we still have to celebrate their picture-perfect imaginations in a society blessed with music, poetry, arts, theatre, and other important elements of culture. Without all these, our experience as humans would have been devoid of richness.

Therefore, thinkers should be proud! When next you are overwhelmed with worries, remember the positive aspects of it and its benefits. You can never tell, your worries might just kick-start a revolution! So I hope you now know signs of genius.