How To Be Happy? 5 Things to Release in Order to be Happy

How to be happy?

The most common question asked by people. Living a happy life is not as difficult as it looks. Clearing the blocks to happiness can help you live a healthy life. Everything is within us; we only need to clear blurriness to see what is hidden inside us. No one in this world can help you to be satisfied; it’s only you that can help yourself. The best way is to take spiritual teachings from the occult realm, or intellectual level into an experimental level, which can help you shit from suffering to happiness. Yes, it works!

All you need is to do commitment to yourself and create a daily practice in which you can connect with your higher inner self with meditation. You can improve your inner by being up above it rather than sticking with it.

So the answer to how to be happy is quite simple. Let’s talk about it from a higher perspective. You need to observe your thoughts, emotions, actions, beliefs, and patterns so that you can clearly observe what you are and what changes you need to clear blocks to happiness.

  • Thoughts

The first thing you need to do is to observe your thoughts. You need to identify the spiritual ego, which is synonymous with fearβ€” which means all feelings expect love can easily be released. Loving and caring perceptions feel good, inspired, and expensive, while fearful perceptions feel stuck, tight, judgmental, and lack of spirit. So you need to choose loving feelings over fear.

  • Beliefs:

How to be happy is dependent on what are your beliefs. A belief is simply a thought that comes in your mind over and over again. When we start doing actions, it becomes our belief. So it depends on what are our beliefs, do you believe in a happy life? You need to identify limiting beliefs and commit to freeing them moment-to-moment.

  • Emotion:

Whatever you feel is your emotion. We can release emotion and clear emotional patterns from our bodies. These are only negative emotions that block us from happiness. Some kind of energy is always within us, and sometimes trying to flow in the form of a new relationship, creative opportunities. So it’s on you how you identify those opportunities.

  • Actions:

Actions have a great impact on our overall wellness. When we pay attention to our health, eat healthy, sleep well, then we feel at our full energy. When we feel at full energy, then it ultimately makes us happy.

  • Patterns:

Our unconscious activities and behaviors are operating from our ego. So creating awareness of the behaviors which create self-interruption and cause you suffering, and have the willingness to let go. This ultimately allows us falling away naturally.